Who We Are

Salvus Center, Inc., founded in 2005, is a faith-based primary care health center that seeks to reclaim the Biblical and historical commitment to care for those who are sick and in need so they might experience wholeness, wellness and healing. We provide medical and dental care to those in Sumner County who are working and have no medical insurance.  This is a “hand-up” for those who are working every day to keep a roof over their head and food on the table. Patients pay a fee for their office visit, which is based on a sliding scale determined by family income and number of dependents in the home.

Serving Sumner County

In the twelve (12) years that Salvus Center, Inc., has been in operation, there have been over 54,000 patient visits, and many of its patients have now made the Salvus Center their primary heathcare facility.

We are not a walk-in or acute care clinic. Instead, we work to establish a relationship with each patient so that the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the patient can be met and the patient can experience wholeness, wellness and healing. Qualifying family and other household members can also become patients at the clinic.

Salvus Center, Inc., supports the United Way of Sumner County.

Supported by Community Hospitals & Physicians

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Salvus Center, Inc., operations are primary funded by nonprofit, community and civic grants and individual donors. Please support our efforts in Sumner County.

Salvus Center partners with both area hospitals, Tri-Star Hendersonville Medical Center, part of the HCA Health System, and Sumner Regional Medical Center, part of LifePoint Health, and nearly every specialty physician in Sumner County to ensure that the patient receives total care from examinations to diagnosis to treatment.

The HopeSalvus Dental Clinic is a partnership with Hope Family Health and is located in the Sumner County Health Department in a space leased to the clinic for $1.00 per year by the Sumner County Commission. The clinic has a full time dentist and dental hygienists who provide treatment to our patients.

Thank you to our Physicans!

Dr. Muhammed Ali
Dr. Vaughan Allen 
Dr. Jane Alissandratos
Dr. James Anderson
Dr. Muhammad Asad
Dr. Leila August
Dr. Laura Barnes
Dr. Hermongenes Battad
Dr. Michael Bazzani
Dr. Priya Bazzani
Brian Bell, RDMS, RUT
Dr. Alan Bennett
Dr. Stephen Bennett
Dr. Frank Berklacich
Dr. Richard Berkman
Denise Billingsley, NP
Dr. Deepti Bulchandani
Jessica Byrd, NP
Dr. William Caldwell
Dr. Tracy Callister
Dr. Mark Carter
Dr. Helen Cavasin
Dr. Suzanna Chatterjee
Dr. David Choma
Dr. Ray Claud
Dr. Christiper Claudel
Dr. Paul Coleman
Dr. Tommy Cothron
Dr. Helion Cruz
Dr. Marcus Cruz
Dr. Gerald Davis
Dr. Raymond DeMoville
Dr. Michael Diaz
Dr. Reginald Dickerson
Dr. Stephen Dickerson
Rachel Dorris, LLC
Dr. Donald Ezuteh
Dr. Robert Fallis
Dr. William Faith
Dr. Cheryl Fassler
Dr. Kush Frenchman
Jason Gant, PT
Dr. Thomas Gautsch
Dr. Paul DiGiovanni
Greg Glover PA-C
Dr. Stephen Grinde
Dr. Paul Grutter
Dr. Subir Guha
Dr. Scott Hande
Dr. Duane Harrison
Cindy Hill, RCS, RRT, CPFT
Dr. Jeffrey Hollis
Dr. Randy Howard
Dr. David Jacobs 
Dr. Megan Mason
Dr. Noridia Mauras
Dr. Robert McClure
Dr. Patrick Meacham
Dr. R. Brandon Mewbourne
Dr. Ronald Miller
Dr. Henry Moran
Dr. David Morris
Dr. Gregg Motz
Dr. George Murphy
Dr. Glen Nabors
Dr. Brent Nason
Dr. Jagdish Nachnani
Dr. Vivek Narain
Dr. Nell Nestor
Dr. Kevin O’Brien
Dr. Richard Orgain
Dr. Robert Phillips
Dr. Jeffrey Riggs
Dr. Donald Russo
Dr. Bradley Rust
Dr.  Todd Rutland
Dr. Jack Schooley
Dr. Kent Shih
Dr. Louis Seibert
Dr. Diana Shipley
Dr. Peter Smith
Dr. Clyde Southwell
Dr. Norman Spencer
Dr. Marshall Johnson
Ashley Joins, NP
Dr. Mathew Joseph
Dr. Leonard Kahn
Dr. Jason Kastner
Dr. A.S. King, Jr.
Dr. Brian Koch
Dr. William Kraft
Dr. Michael Kramer
Dr. Paul Kudelko
Dr. William Lambert
Dr. Robert Landsberg
Dr. Gregory Lassiter
Dr. Davd Lawhorn
Dr. Michael Lee
Dr. Jung Lee
Dr. Nicholas Lippolis
Dr. Walter Little
Dr. Shannon Little
Dr. Keith Loven
Dr. Guillermo Ludi
Dr. Jeffrey Mathews
Patrick Stansbury, PA
Dr. Jill Steier
Dr. Lucy Stollen
Dr. Chad Swan
Dr. Gerald Shu Tangye
Dr. Roy Terry
Dr. John Thompson
Dr. Mark Uhl
Dr. Roxanne Valentino
Dr. Sundar Venkatesh
Dr. Lance Weaver
Dr. Robert Webb
Dr. Kevin West
Dr. Laura Williams



Gallatin Salvus Center

556 Hartsville Pike, Suite 200
Gallatin, Tennessee 37066

Salvus Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Sumner County, TN.

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