Yuli Garcia-Godinez’s first experience with Salvus Center was as a volunteer translator for the Hispanic patients who were coming to the clinic for healthcare. Soon after that, Yuli became a Salvus patient. She has been part of the Salvus family since 2006. The staff has celebrated the birth of two sons with Yuli and her husband. We consider her one of our strongest advocates.

Today Yuli is working at the Sumner County Health Department. She sees the need for healthcare that Salvus fills for those patients who are no longer eligible for care at the Health Department, Tennessee state law prohibits those without required identification to receive care at local health departments. Without Salvus, these workers would not have needed medications, testing or treatment. Because of the healthcare received at Salvus, these patients are able to go to work everyday and support their families.

Almost every member of Yuli’s family is now a Salvus patient; her mother, sister, husband and more call Salvus their medical home. Yuli said, “Having a doctor who takes the time to listen to you, a staff that knows you and cares about you, makes all the difference in the world. Salvus Center treats me like a member of their family. It’s a blessing to go to the Salvus Center.”


                 Yuli Garcia-Godinez


Gallatin Salvus Center

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Salvus Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Sumner County, TN.

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