Have you ever heard of so much violence in the world? Maybe so if you lived during one of the great world wars. Since that has not been one for a while, not many folk are around to remind us of it. Maybe you have a loved one who served in the recent wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. They know about violence.

     But it seems almost daily now there are mass tragedies like in Chattanooga or even in a movie theater in Nashville for heaven’s sake! Groups like ISIL or El Shabob in Africa; civil war in Syria; Russia invading its neighbor; Iran and nuclear weapons; Middle East unrest; and now the political rhetoric and accusation and partisan ugliness. We can’t even seem to have a respectful discourse anymore. It’s sad; almost depressing.

     Recently, I was given a glimmer of hope in all this bad news, "a new perspective.” With our new office consolidation, I got to work in the Gallatin office with Dr. Bob Webb, a local established and respected urologist who has served our community for 35 years. I had been in Hendersonville each Friday once a month when he was in Gallatin. He had called me several years ago and expressed his gratitude for what we at Salvus were doing and he offered to see our patients. He had already been helping but he wanted to volunteer a day a month to see our patients in our office. If they were to go to his office, they by necessity would be charged but if he saw them at Salvus, our charge, though meager, would go to Salvus entirely. Of course, he would do this gratis! We accepted and he has been booked solid every Friday morning, once a month. He sees them. He treats them. He operates on them if need be. Gratis. Yes, I said gratis. What a gift! What a blessing!

    He’s not the only one. Dr. Jane Alissandratos does the same. Once a month for a day, she sees our most affected Rheumatology (arthritis) patients. FREE. Wow!

    And what about all our other volunteers many of whom work a day a week. Every week! FREE. GRATIS. NADA!

    Repair people, lawn care people. Lots of people. Good people…

Yes, the world is full of chaos and evil and hatred and we are blessed at Salvus to see good – lots of good done the right way for the right reason. But we are blessed to be a blessing. Pray for us. Be the ambassador to prospective patients and donors for us and join our small army of volunteers who do good in the world and at Salvus with us. Get a new perspective on the world.


                                                                                     Rev. Dr. Ted Hill, Medical Director


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